Tue. Jun 25th, 2019

My egg freezing experience series. I’ve decided to freeze my eggs and I’m sharing every step of the process as I go through it. I started thinking about this over a year ago and kept going back and forth not sure if I should or shouldn’t go for it. After hearing something that pushed me to go for it I decided to move forward and now it feels like it’s happening so fast! I’m nervous and scared and overwhelmed.

This is the night before my egg retrieval! I’ve never had ‘real’ surgery before so I’m not sure what to expect. And I’m also not sure how many eggs I can get or really should get. I have a lot to share and catch up on!! But that’s coming soon. For now I wanted to share my thoughts in real time and I made a video just talking about how I’m feeling physically and mentally.

freezing my eggs the night before surgery

Egg Freezing – The Night Before My Egg Retrieval Surgery

Egg Freezing Series:

Egg Freezing Day 1announcement

Egg Freezing Week 1 Update

Egg Freezing Week 2 Update

Egg Freezing – Doing the Injections myself

More info is coming soon! I’m going to go through WHY I decided to go for it… how much egg freezing costs and some other important points next.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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