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Podcast Recommendations… Seeing Celebrities and more – Q&A April 1

Hello! How’s it going? Over here it’s going…busy! I have a long list of To Dos – most of which have deadlines. Luckily one of those to do list items is…Answer the questions from the Instagram Story box. Boom. I just did! So the latest set of your questions is on video below! I also shared it on the @RunEatRepeat Insta Stories and it’ll be saved in April Q&A if you miss it after the first 24 hours.

These questions are about my favorite cookbooks, podcasts, playlists and more…

funny runner meme @RunEatRepeat Instagram

April Q &A – 1

What are your favorite cookbooks?

I don’t really use cookbooks… but I love having them. I probably stick to the Food Network, magazines or Pinterest when I need inspiration for dinner ideas or other recipes. But I do have a few cookbooks handy at all times. They’re great coffee table books – so pretty!!

These are the cookbooks I have on my shelf right now:

Super Foods Super Fast by Julie Montague – I interviewed her for the podcast! Check out Julie Montagu on self care Run Eat Repeat podcast episode 64.

Run Fast Eat Slow Nourishing Recipes for Athletes by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky

Good Food. Good Life. by chef Curtis Stone – I met him at an event in Los Angeles last year. It was for a fancy food blog event in a gorgeous house in the hills and he did a cooking lesson and then we ate amazing food. Check it out here – Fancy Los Angeles Dinner with Chef Curtis Stone

curtis stone food blog cooking lesson la 1

curtis stone food blog cooking lesson la

Did you do the Encinitas Half Marathon since you were in San Diego?

No I was going to my little brother’s band performance.

Podcast recommendations! Besides yours of course…

Lately I love podcasts that recap reality TV. I actually didn’t watch any reality TV when I was house-sitting for my friend for 5 weeks!! And I didn’t really miss it because I kept up with a few podcasts.

I think the best reality TV podcasts are:

Heather McDonald Juicy Scoop

Watch What Crappens

Bitch Sesh

Watch What Happens Live – the show is shared as a podcast

Reality Life with Kate Casey

For other stuff… my favorite podcasts lately:

The Happier Podcast

Savvy Psychologist

Curiosity Daily

Crime Writers On Serial


Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

And make sure you’re subscribed to the Run Eat Repeat podcast!

RER Podcast logo

For the egg freezing is it to get a surrogate in the future? Or do they reinsert your own eggs into you?

Have you ever seen anyone from Vanderpump Rules out in California?

No but I should at least try the new Witches of WeHo wine! While eating pasta of course…

stassi classic gif its not about the pasta gif New Running Playlist April 19

Can you share your playlists?

I know you listen to podcasts etc., but will you share a Spotify playlist for races?

Yes! I’m sharing my new running playlist for this month here on Spotify – Run Eat Repeat 4.19

running playlist April 19 spotify

Can you talk about egg freezing? I’d like to do it but it would be good to hear your experience…

Yes – more posts on the egg freezing process are coming soon. If you have specific questions – let me know. Email me or leave them below.

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