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Preparing for When Your Baby Gets Sick


Preparing for When Your Baby Gets Sick with Ezy Dose Kids

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The most overwhelming and surreal moment I’ve had in life wasn’t the birth of my son. I had read so much about the labor experience and had some idea of how I’d feel when I got to meet him. What really caught me off guard was two days later, the moment they discharged us from the hospital. As we were walking out I kept expecting a security guard to tackle us as soon as we got through the doors. Why would they trust us to take care of this two-day-old all by ourselves? As we were driving home, I looked at James in his car seat, sleeping blissfully, and just kept thinking, “How are we going to do this?”

It’s impossible to imagine the pervasive worrying that emerges when you become a parent. You are completely responsible for another person’s wellbeing. You fixate on every aspect of your baby’s behavior and run to Google for every little thing that happens (recent searches include: “Is it normal for baby to cry in their sleep?,” “Is it normal for baby to make whooping sound in sleep?,” “Should baby’s feet be bent towards shin?”). You think through all the scenarios you can conjure and how you will respond to problems. One of the biggest worries is the knowledge that sickness is an inevitability with children. Eventually it will happen, and the best thing you can do is be prepared.

As a parent your main focus becomes the health and wellness of your children. And while you will probably get enough cute outfits to open your own Carter’s store, you probably won’t get the necessities you’ll need when your little one gets sick. Ezy Dose Kids has some great products for when you need to make it all better for your child. They provide the tools to make sure you can take care of your kids with confidence when the inevitable happens.

Preparing for When Your Baby Gets Sick with Ezy Dose Kids

True Easy Syringe

Administering medicine to a human being who weighs less than a watermelon is stressful. You want to make sure you put in an accurate dose. The True Easy Syringe helps you accomplish this goal with accurate color-coded dosage, easy-to-read calibrations, a push-top to control the flow of medicine, and an oversized grip that makes it easy to hold and use.

Preparing for When Your Baby Gets Sick with Ezy Dose Kids

Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator

Before becoming a parent it was hard to imagine getting excited about a product that helped you clear boogers from someone else’s nose. But all we want as parents is to make it better for our kids, and better takes dedication. The great thing about Nose Pals is the No-Yuck system which allows you to gently blow to create suction and clean that stuffy nose so your baby can rest easier.

Preparing for When Your Baby Gets Sick with Ezy Dose Kids


This medication dispensing system is a safe and easy way to administer medicine to children. When James was just 10 days old we thought he might be having some trouble with gas and digestion and our doctor suggested over the counter gas drops might help. He didn’t seem to like the taste so it was difficult to get him to swallow the small dose. Medi-Pals pacifier design helped him by naturally encouraging the swallowing reflex.

In the weeks after coming home we have been getting progressively more comfortable. You realize everyone is just doing their best and learning along the way. I’m still dreading the day where my sweet boy is actually sick, but I’m more comfortable knowing I have some of the tools that will help him.

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This post was sponsored by Ezy Dose Kids.

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