Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

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This is important. Love the phrase – Daring Greatly!

Daring greatly complete quote


Have you seen Brene Brown’s special on Netflix?

I bought one of her audio books the longest time ago and never started it. But I started to watch her Netflix special this morning and it got me in the guts. [ the Call to Courage ] ◽
She shares this quote from Theodore Roosevelt.

It can apply to so many things in life. But the first thing I thought of was running.

There are a lot of times when we miss a goal after weeks, months, years of training.
There are a lot of runners – including pros that have to tap out during a race.
Not everyone who started… finished the Boston Marathon. But that’s not the whole story…
So much time, money, miles, sweat and tears went in to even getting to that point!!

That’s daring greatly. Anyway. I love this!

the call to courage
Watch the special. It’s on Netflix right now – the title is The Call to Courage.

Be brave.

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